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We want you to feel completely confident before you join. Here are detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions about All Six Warranty.

Q: Does the $19.95 monthly fee cover all six major appliances?

A: Yes. The $19.95 fee provides coverage on your stove, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and built-in microwave.

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Q: What if I have two stoves or refrigerators, etc.—are they covered?

A: We cover one stove, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher and built-in microwave located in your home. So if you have an extra refrigerator, etc., you will need an additional policy.

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Q: Is there a fee for each visit

A: Yes a service fee of $50 is paid directly to the service technician for each covered appliance breakdown. There are no additional fees up to the $1,500 cap.*

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Q: How do you select and qualify your service technicians?

A: Local service technicians are carefully chosen based on a list of criteria, including: 1) They must be appropriately licensed and insured/bonded, 2)conduct a full-time repair business, 3) and be in good standing with their local business bureaus.

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Q: Will I be charged if my appliance can't be fixed?

A: You will be charged only the $50 service fee, but no charge for parts or labor. But unlike any other repair service you could call, if we can't fix a covered appliance, we'll replace it.*

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Q: How do you select replacement appliances?

A: We will replace a non-repairable appliance with equipment of like kind and quality, but such replacement may not match dimensions, brand or color.

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Q: What if I am not satisfied with a repair?

A: In the rare event our service technician does not repair your appliance the first time, we will make additional repairs as specified in the service plan, without extra charge, or we will refund the initial $50 service fee.

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Q: How long are your repairs guaranteed?

A: All repairs are guaranteed for 60 days from the date of the last repair visit.

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Q: How long does it typically take for the repair technician to arrive?

A: Our typical response time is 1-2 business days. If it's an emergency, we will make our best effort to expedite your repair. We understand that when an appliance goes down, your stress goes up. We'll be there for you!

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Q: Do my appliances have to be new to qualify for coverage?

A: No! Your appliances can be any age, but they do need to be in working order at the time you enroll. Repairs or replacements caused by pre-existing conditions, defects or deficiencies are not covered.

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Q: What happens if I buy a new stove, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher or built-in microwave?

A: It is automatically covered by the All Six Service Plan.

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Q: Am I obligated to enroll for a certain period of time?

A: No. You pay on a monthly basis for as long as you wish to have coverage.

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Q: What if I want to cancel the Plan later?

A: You may cancel your enrollment at anytime without penalty.* There is no fee or penalty for canceling. If you would like to cancel your plan please contact us toll free at 1-866-460-9346. Please be aware that when you cancel this plan, we no longer have any obligation to repair or replace any product that has been covered by this plan and that all coverage under the plan terminates immediately on the effective date of your cancellation.

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Q: Is coverage limited to a primary residence? Can my secondary residence or vacation home be covered?

A: Yes, both can be covered. Appliances located at the address on the Cover Page of this Service Agreement are covered. So, to cover your primary residence and vacation home you must purchase separate Service Agreements for each address.

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Q: How soon can my appliances be covered?

A: Your appliances will start being covered after a 30-day waiting period.

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Q: What if an appliance is still under the manufacturer's warranty?

A: Your appliance would first be covered under the manufacturers warranty. Once the warranty expires then the All Six warranty coverage would kick in.

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Q: How do I pay the monthly fee?

A: Your $19.95 monthly fee will be conveniently charged to your credit card. You may stop your payments and membership at anytime.

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Our Unmatched 6-WAY Satisfaction Guarantee
  1. 24/7 Claims Service
  2. Provide reliable, prescreened, licensed and bonded Service Technicians.
  3. We will repair your appliance under the terms of the service plan to your satisfaction or we will refund the amount of the $50 service fee.*
  4. If we can't fix a covered appliance, we'll replace it.*
  5. All repairs are guaranteed for 60 days from the last visit.
  6. You may cancel your enrollment at anytime without penalty/cost.*

Testimonial "My mother is retired and owns her own home. Her appliances are getting older and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was an inexpensive service plan to take care of repairs or a replacement if needed. Now I don't have to worry if her refrigerator or dryer breaks down—I can make a call and someone will come right out and fix it. No more having to do it myself or worrying if someone is going to rip her off for unneeded repairs. What a great gift for my mom and peace of mind for me! I finally got my weekends back!"

— Cheryl B, Fresno, CA

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