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Real Value

Real Value

Hand holding Coins Only $19.95 a month—well less than a dollar a day. Is it worth 66 cents a day to never worry about major appliance repairs again? If you've been without your refrigerator or stove for a week you would likely say "YES". No wonder we're growing so quickly.

Save money by not buying retail store extended warranties. Most stores and manufacturers love to sell you their extended warranties—but their costs can really add up. As an All Six customer, you can refuse the extended warranties on major appliances without worry. With the All Six Warranty plan you get outstanding coverage backed by our 6-way guarantee.

If something breaks, you don't have to worry. We do charge a $50 service fee per repair call. However, that's it per covered repair—there are no parts and labor charges. So you never have to worry about how large the repair "bill" will be. Note: Some repair shops are now adding "fuel surcharges" for travel—but we don't.*

Cancel at any time without penalty. With All Six, you're never locked into an expensive long term contract. You can cancel your enrollment at any time, and your monthly charge will stop the next month.

Please be aware that when you cancel this plan, we no longer have any obligation to repair or replace any product that has been covered by this plan and that all coverage under this plan terminates immediately on the effective date of your cancelation.

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Exclusions and limitations apply. See terms and conditions for details. All Six Warranty coverage is provided and administered by National Product Care Company; or Service Saver, Inc.; or Service Plan, Inc depending on your state of residence. All listed companies are located at 175 W Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604. Form Reference GEN-NAT-APL-DEC.