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Testimonial "The All Six Warranty Plan is unbelievable. For pennies a day I get rid of all the repair headaches of six major appliances—including parts and labor. They're fast, reputable and friendly. Now my appliances work for me instead of the other way around."

— Ed O, Dallas, TX


Testimonial "Before All Six, when a major appliance broke it was a family crisis and a huge inconvenience. First we had to call around to locate someone, then wait for them to show up, then hope the repair bill was small or the appliance wasn't done for. And we never knew whether we we're paying too much. Now we know who to call immediately... that most service calls don't exceed $50... and we'll get a brand new appliance—free—if the old one can't be fixed! It's total no hassle!"

— Deborah D, Wilton, CT


Testimonial "With All Six, I eliminate the hassle of buying and renewing extended warranties on each of my major appliances. One plan covers them all—and there's just one number to call when something breaks! Plus, whenever I buy a new fridge, dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer, stove or built-in microwave—it's automatically covered."

—John S, Winnetka, IL


Testimonial "My mother is retired and owns her own home. Her appliances are getting older and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was an inexpensive service plan to take care of repairs or a replacement if needed. Now I don't have to worry if her refrigerator or dryer breaks down—I can make a call and someone will come right out and fix it. No more having to do it myself or worrying if someone is going to rip her off for unneeded repairs. What a great gift for my mom and peace of mind for me! I finally got my weekends back!"

— Cheryl B, Fresno, CA


Testimonial "I rarely buy extended warranties because I don't like the expense and being locked in for 2-3 years, whether I use it or not. All Six Warranty Plan is different. You pay as you go and can cancel at any time. Plus the coverage can be better: They pay for all parts and labor, plus they'll replace any major appliance for free if it can't be fixed!"

—— Norman D, Lehi, UT

Our Unmatched 6-WAY Satisfaction Guarantee
  1. 24/7 Claims Service
  2. Provide reliable, prescreened, licensed and bonded Service Technicians.
  3. We will repair your appliance under the terms of the service plan to your satisfaction or we will refund the amount of the $50 service fee.*
  4. If we can't fix a covered appliance, we'll replace it.*
  5. All repairs are guaranteed for 60 days from the last visit.
  6. You may cancel your enrollment at anytime without penalty/cost.*

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Exclusions and limitations apply. See terms and conditions for details. All Six Warranty coverage is provided and administered by National Product Care Company; or Service Saver, Inc.; or Service Plan, Inc depending on your state of residence. All listed companies are located at 175 W Jackson Blvd. Chicago, IL 60604. Form Reference GEN-NAT-APL-DEC.